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 Updated Copy Accelerates Sales of New Properties by 50% – Earning the Copywriter “A Seat at the Table”

Unwittingly, the marketer had been making a tragic mistake in his marketing for years.

This purveyor of fine, pre-built custom homes was targeting the wrong person when interested couples came to buy. Debra Robinson, a construction copywriter specialist, pointed out the importance of identifying the correct target market.

Understanding the psychology and principles behind selling is a big part of effective copywriting. Debra’s favourite book in this regard is Robert Cialdini’s: INFLUENCE – The Psychology of Persuasion.

Debra showed her client how to determine who his real prospect was.

When he understood that he had been selling to the male in the male/female purchasing demographic and not the woman, the primary marketing materials were updated, including the website and a postcard.

It’s not common knowledge, but smart marketers in real estate understand that the woman is the power behind the sale, even though it’s the male who does the negotiation.

One side of new Artemis Ridge postcard:

artemis-ridgeThe Artemis Ridge development, was 50% sold out in record time after the new website copy went live.

In the end, Debra received the highest compliment a copywriter can be given: “Debra has earned her seat at the table.”


IT Staffing Firm Shows Their Ideal Prospects What’s In It for Them

Most companies love to have lots of testimonials. But not all are worthy.

Debra Robinson didn’t get into the copywriting business just to make money. She wanted to help her customers solve their marketing problems.

While considering the acceptance of a new client into her roster, she studied the website of an IT company called Stafflink.

She decided to look for opportunities in the testimonials they already had.

She was taken by the fact there were a lot of good testimonials that were probably not being noticed.

Testimonials are great, but weak compared to case studies.

Debra contacted the company and suggested they were missing a very significant marketing opportunity. She explained to the potential client that they had a lot of wonderful testimonials but that most people don’t react to testimonials the way they do to case studies. She suggested they select the best ones to support Stafflink’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

The best testimonials either overcome an objection or highlight the power of the USP of the company. Not all testimonials are equal. Not all testimonials are powerful!

Debra knew Stafflink could find at least three that would demonstrate Stafflink’s inner strengths. She wanted to get Stafflink’s USP out there for the world to see.

They were thrilled with Debra’s savvy marketing skills… being able to pick out and expand upon strong testimonials by using case studies that tell a bigger story and get a better result.

As Marketing Manager Laura Upcott put it:

“I’m sure that they’ve had a positive impact on our business. It’s something unique that we can show prospective clients.”

 Real Estate Agent Hires Direct Response Construction Copywriter to Re-Vamp Entire Website for Radical Performance Improvement

Few copywriters will step up to the plate when it comes to making phone calls. Not Debra. She loves the process of getting testimonials for her clients.

Knowing this, Debra got the kinds of testimonials that her client Tom Lam needed in order for him to sell more homes.

When Tom needed to appeal to young professionals, his website’s target audience, he followed up on a referral to hire Debra, a construction copywriter devoted to this particular market.

The real estate specialist he had already hired to create his website had focused on the design of the site, but the site lacked a direct connection to his potential clients.

For example, Tom’s picture was originally placed looking away from his business on the home page instead of focusing into his real estate solution.

Small changes like that actually make a big difference to potential buyers even though they may not realize why.

Debra ran SEO key phrase testing after researching to see how each would place when someone typed “real estate” into Google looking for homes in the areas where Tom’s homes are found.

Key testimonials from professionals, Tom’s target audience, were instrumental in helping Tom sell his real estate services.

On every page Debra provided proofs to the customer that buying a home from Tom Lam would bring them significant benefits over working with another agent.

Once Debra was on board, she not only wrote the copy based on best SEO principles, but helped refine the page design to create stronger copy.

As savvy marketers know, many small improvements can add up to a radical shift in performance results.

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